Getting more mileage out of your paint.

by Michael Zabel

You’ve reached the end of another tube of paint…in the middle of a job…and you don’t have a backup.  There are many techniques for getting the last figments of pigment out of the tube and onto the canvas (the roll method, the press method, the squeeze method, the re-roll method) but none of them seem to yield enough paint when you need it most.  Behold…the “insert-clever-name-here” method.  

Step 1:  The culprit…take your nearly empty tube of paint and press as much of what’s left towards the traditional evacuation point (keep the cap on while completing this step).

Step 2:  Grab your scissors and cut off the top of the tube (cutting point will vary for each tube).

Step 3:  Discard the top portion of the tube.

Step 4:  Pry open the remaining portion of the tube to reveal the precious pigment pressed down from the first step.

Step 5:  Grab a paint brush and paint directly from the tube.  Preserve any leftovers by wrapping plastic wrap over the opening or scraping out the pigment and transferring to another container.

Final notes:  This method may be applied to toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo, face wash, body wash and other various products packaged in plastic tubes and materials that can be cut with scissors.