Come and play at Illustration Friday!

by Michael Zabel

Illustration Friday, the funnest creative website around, has recently undergone a make over.  Not only has the site itself gone though some changes, the formerly plain text emails have made the jump to more aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable HTML emails (complete with graphics, links, the weekly winner and, of course, the weekly topic).  So whether you’re feeling bogged down or just want to have some fun, come check out Illustration Friday and participate in “a super fun weekly artistic challenge.”       

*for those of us, including myself, who thought funner or funnest were unacceptable grammatically, here is an excerpt from my computer’s dictionary.*

adjective ( fun-ner fun-nest) informal
amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable : it was a fun evening | what’s the funnest part of wakeboarding for you?