Don’t forget your paintbrush…

by Michael Zabel

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan.

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight I embark on a trip to the Detroit, Michigan for a long weekend of memorial day festivities.  It’s always nice to visit with family and friends back home and my parents will undoubtedly will have their house full of various snacks, Bell’s and Founders beer, hundreds of DVDs (and cable TV), and a nice convertible sofa to lay my head down on at night.  Just the same, they most likely will not have any art supplies aside from the spray fixative and Super 77 that I had to leave behind five years ago when I moved.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow pressurized cans on airplanes or in the mail so they are indefinitely incarcerated in my old room-turned-storage area in the basement.  Getting back to the problem at hand, I have prepared a small package for the plane ride that is in full compliance with FAA standards (see below).  Just a quick note on paint:  Although they are heavy bodied, acrylic paints are still considered liquids.  Good news is, the tubes are only 2 fl. oz. coming in a full ounce less than the maximum allowance on airliners these days.  Just make sure you put them in a plastic baggie with your other toiletries when going through security – this will make things go much smoother.  Pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and the pencil sharpener shouldn’t cause any problems.  Looking forward to the whirlwind weekend of visiting with everyone – see you soon!

The Package

The Package