The Perks of Being a Guild Member

by Michael Zabel

I was literally reading that the newest addition of the Handbook for Pricing & Ethical Guidelines had been released when an anonymous postal worker rang my doorbell and fled the scene with a friendly *knock-knock-knock.*  Not expecting any deliveries, I cautiously opened the front door expecting to see a young republican canvasing the neighborhood on the hunt for petition signatures.  Much to my surprise, there was no enthusiastic young man or woman on my porch that day, but rather a moderately sized parcel placed neatly at my feet.  I had a brief internal soliloquy (re-enacted here in rhyme for enhanced dramatic effect):

What could this strange bundle be,

So neatly placed addressed to me?

Ordered naught most recently,

Nay!  Thou cannot possibly…

I ripped and tore haphazardly,

A peek of wild colors freed.

Expanded breadth, updated scene,

Behold!  A Fresh P&EGs!

This book is hands-down the most crucial piece of information any creative professional can own, and being a member of the Graphic Artists Guild ensures that you always have the latest and greatest copy of this beastly tome.  I’ve already started my first read-through and I will go through a second run just as soon as I buy more post-its and highlighters.  I am also planning on beach-reading most of the Handbook on my upcoming vacation.  No need to worry for my sanity though, I’m balancing out some of the heavy business reading with the new Jim Henson biography and a volume of crossword puzzles that I’ve had my eye on for a while!

Handbook for Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

Handbook for Pricing & Ethical Guidelines camouflaged in its natural habitat…the artist’s studio.